All Available Color Films in 2024: The Complete List

Despite the digital age, the charm and popularity of color films, including but not limited to 35mm, continue to endure. To serve this passionate community, we’ve created this comprehensive guide that provides an overview of all available color films as of 2024, covering various formats and types.

We, as fellow film enthusiasts, understand the challenges of staying updated with film stocks. Films can be discontinued quietly, and information about new or obscure films can be difficult to find. To alleviate this, we’ve designed this post to be a central resource that compiles all necessary details about available color films.

We strive to keep this list updated and accurate. Yet, due to the ever-changing film industry, there might be occasional discrepancies. We encourage readers to inform us of any updates they come across. Your understanding and contributions help make this guide a valuable resource for all.

Navigating This Guide: How It Works

We’ve structured our list to provide the most important details about each film, all in a single glance. Here’s how the information in each table is presented:

  1. Manufacturer: This section provides information about the company responsible for producing the film. Utilize the table of contents to swiftly navigate to the manufacturers’ information section for additional info.
  2. Film Name: This column gives the commercial name under which the film is sold. If a detailed review of the film is available, you’ll be directed to it by clicking on the film name.
  3. ISO: The film’s sensitivity to light. This plays a crucial role in determining the conditions under which the film is best used.
  4. Development Process: This provides information on the type of development process the film requires.
  5. Available Format: This column indicates the formats in which the film is available.
  6. Samples: For a more tangible idea of what each film can produce, we’ve included a column that lead some sample images taken with that specific film. Simply click on ‘Samples’ to view these images.
  7. Price Range: A rough estimation of the film’s cost is indicated with one to three dollar signs, with one being the least expensive and three being the most expensive.
  8. Latest Price Link: A hyperlink that directs you to the most current price of the film based on online information.
ManufacturerFilm NameISOProcessFormatsCostSamplesPrice
dubblefilmApollo200C-41135-36$$SamplesCheck Price
dubblefilmJelly200C-41135-36$$SamplesCheck Price
dubblefilmBubblegum200C-41135-36$$SamplesCheck Price
dubblefilmPacific200C-41135-36$$SamplesCheck Price
dubblefilmSolar200C-41135-36$$SamplesCheck Price
dubblefilmStereo200C-41135-36$$SamplesCheck Price
dubblefilmDaily Color400C-41135-27$$SamplesCheck Price
FPPLow ISO Color16C-41135-24$SamplesCheck Price
FPPBlue Ultra Color3C-41135-24$SamplesCheck Price
FUJIFILMFujiColor 100100C-41135-36$$SamplesCheck Price
FUJIFILMFujiColor Superia Premium 400400C-41135-36$$$SamplesCheck Price
FUJIFILM200200C-41135-36$SamplesCheck Price
FUJIFILMFujiColor Superia X-tra 400400C-41135-36$$SamplesCheck Price
FUJIFILM400400C-41135-36SamplesCheck Price
KodakColorPlus 200200C-41135-24 /36$SamplesCheck Price
KodakPro Image 100E.I 100*C-41135-36$SamplesCheck Price
KodakGold 200200C-41135-24 /36, 120$SamplesCheck Price
KodakUltra Max 400400C-41135-24 /36$SamplesCheck Price
KodakEktar 100100C-41135–36, 120, 4x5", 8x10"$$SamplesCheck Price
KodakPortra 160160C-41135–36, 120, 4x5", 8x10"$$SamplesCheck Price
KodakPortra 400400C-41135–36, 120, 4x5", 8x10"$$SamplesCheck Price
KodakPortra 800800C-41135–36, 120$$$SamplesCheck Price
KONO!Donau 66C-41135-24$$SamplesCheck Price
KONO!Kolorit 125 Tungsten125C-41135-24SamplesCheck Price
KONO!Kolorit 400 Tungsten400C-41135-24SamplesCheck Price
KONO!Rotwild 400400C-41135-24$$SamplesCheck Price
KONO!ALiEN 200200C-41135-24$$SamplesCheck Price
KONO!UFO 200200C-41135-24$$SamplesCheck Price
KONO!KATZ 200200C-41135-24$$SamplesCheck Price
KONO!LUFT 200200C-41135-24$$SamplesCheck Price
KONO!LIEBE 200200C-41135-24$$SamplesCheck Price
KONO!WINTERMÄRCHEN 200200C-41135-24$$SamplesCheck Price
LomographyColor Negative 100100C-41135–36, 120$$SamplesCheck Price
LomographyColor Negative 400400C-41135–36, 120$$SamplesCheck Price
LomographyColor Negative 800800C-41135–36, 120$$SamplesCheck Price
LomographyRedscale XR 50-20050-200C-41135–36, 120$$SamplesCheck Price
LomographyLomoChrome Metropolis100-400C-41110, 135–36, 120$$SamplesCheck Price
LomographyLomoChrome Purple XR100-400C-41135–36, 120$$SamplesCheck Price
RevologRasp200C-41135-36$$SamplesCheck Price
RevologVolvox200C-41135-36$$SamplesCheck Price
RevelogTexture200C-41135-36$$SamplesCheck Price
RevologPlexus200C-41135-36$$SamplesCheck Price
RevologLaser200C-41135-36$$SamplesCheck Price
RevologStreak200C-41135-36$$SamplesCheck Price
RevologTesla I200C-41135-36$$SamplesCheck Price
RevologTesla II200C-41135-36$$SamplesCheck Price
RevologKosmos200C-41135-36$$SamplesCheck Price
RevologNebula200C-41135-36$$SamplesCheck Price
RevologKolor200C-41135-36$$SamplesCheck Price
Revolog460 nm200C-41135-36$$Samples
Check Price
Revolog600 nm200C-41135-36$$SamplesCheck Price
RolleiRedbird400C-41135-36$$SamplesCheck Price
SFLA-Color 125125C-41135-12 / 24, 120$SamplesCheck Price
SFL50D50ecn-2135-36$$SamplesCheck Price
SFL250D250ecn-2135-24 / 36, 120$$SamplesCheck Price
SFL200T200ecn-2135–36, 120$$Samples
Check Price
SFL500T500ecn-2135-24 /36, 120$SamplesCheck Price
SilberraColor 5050C-41135–36, 120$SamplesCheck Price
SilberraColor 100100C-41135-24/36, 120$SamplesCheck Price
SilberraColor 160160C-41135-24/36, 120$SamplesCheck Price
SvemaColor125C-41135SamplesCheck Price
VIBEPHOTO 400400C-41135-27SamplesCheck Price
VIBEPHOTO 800800C-41135-27SamplesCheck Price
YodicaAntares400C-41135-36$$SamplesCheck Price
YodicaAndromeda400C-41135-36$$SamplesCheck Price
YodicaAtlas400C-41135-36$$SamplesCheck Price
YodicaPegasus400C-41135-36$$SamplesCheck Price
YodicaPolaris400C-41135-36$$SamplesCheck Price
YodicaSirio400C-41135-36$$SamplesCheck Price
YodicaVega400C-41135-36$$SamplesCheck Price
ADOXColor Mission 200200C-41135-36$$SamplesCheck Price
Cinestill50D50C-41135–36, 120$$SamplesCheck Price
Cinestill400D400C-41135–36, 120, 4x5$$SamplesCheck Price
Cinestill800T800C-41135–36, 120$$SamplesCheck Price
ORWOWolfen NC500500C-41135-36$$SamplesCheck Price

Manufacturer Info

As we delve into the detailed list of films, here’s a brief overview of the manufacturers. This provides some background about these companies, their purpose, and their history, enriching your understanding of the film landscape in 2024.


Established in 2017, Dubblefilm emerged from a collaboration between the ‘dubble’ mobile app and KONO!, an Austrian-based analog photographic company. Dubblefilm offers creative color films, notable for their unique effects and enhancements introduced through a partnership with Revelog in 2019.

The ‘dubble’ app, launched in 2013, allows users to mix photos with people globally. The ethos of Dubblefilm and its parent app, rooted in analog photography, finds expression in two other offshoots: dubble studio for creating double exposures and dubble print for custom print products.

FPP – Film Photography Project

Since 2009, FPP has been on a mission to inspire, engage, and inform film photographers worldwide, regardless of their skill level. Their Film Photography Podcast, YouTube Channel, and blogs provide trustworthy product reviews, tutorials, and tips that simplify complex concepts without oversimplifying the content, empowering photographers to develop their skills and support their passion for film photography.

Besides sharing valuable knowledge, FPP boasts an online store offering reliable brands at affordable prices. Their offerings include specialty items like hand-rolled “small batch” films, film development starter kits, photo chemistry, and refurbished vintage cameras. Moreover, they provide FPP branded gear and have recently introduced rare, defunct, and forgotten film formats through their in-house film and motion picture photography lines.

In keeping with their ethos of thrift and refurbishment, FPP uniquely offers items like new 620 film spools, Regular 8 and 16mm double-perf motion picture film. By doing so, they continue to support and revitalize the film photography community with their exclusive products and commitment to film photography.


FUJIFILM is a global powerhouse in the imaging industry with a legacy that spans over 80 years. The company has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation in both film and digital photography. They produce a broad range of 35mm films that are renowned for their superior quality, reliability, and the distinctive, vibrant color reproduction that has become synonymous with the FUJIFILM brand. Their commitment to ongoing research and development ensures they continue to offer professional and amateur photographers the tools to capture the world with stunning clarity and color.


As one of the most iconic names in photography, Kodak has left an indelible mark on the world of film. With a rich history dating back to the 19th century, the company has been at the forefront of numerous breakthroughs in the industry. Kodak’s 35mm films are celebrated for their exceptional quality, broad dynamic range, and the warm, natural colors they produce. Despite the digital revolution, Kodak remains a stalwart supporter of film photography, continuously providing photographers of all levels with a diverse range of films that cater to various aesthetic preferences and shooting conditions.


KONO! is a pioneering analog photographic company based in Europe, established in 2014 by Uwe Mimoun. They’ve made a name for themselves by repurposing unusual film stock, originally intended for motion pictures or scientific applications, into unique 35mm films. Their hand-rolled films are loaded onto recycled 135 film cassettes, emphasizing their commitment to sustainable practices.

KONO!’s distinct edge lies in their creation of imaginative and experimental films, providing photographers with exciting new options for their analog work. Their influence extended to the ‘dubblefilm’ brand, for which they produced creative films until early 2019. KONO!’s inventive spirit continues to enrich the analog photography landscape.


Lomography began in the early 1990s as an art movement inspired by the quirky aesthetics of the Lomo LC-A camera, and has since grown into a vibrant community and a major player in the film photography world. The company is best known for producing a wide range of 35mm films, often with creative twists such as unusual colors, grains, or effects. Their products offer a more playful and experimental approach to photography, inviting photographers to break the rules and embrace imperfection. Lomography’s commitment to keeping the spirit of creative and spontaneous photography alive has ensured their films continue to be popular among those who wish to add an extra dash of creativity to their work.


Revolog is a specialist film manufacturer known for its range of creative 35mm films. Founded in Austria, the company is the brainchild of two photography enthusiasts who began their journey by hand-making films for personal use. Their films stand out for their unique in-camera effects, such as textures, light leaks, or color shifts, which add a layer of artistic surprise to each photograph. With their offerings, Revolog provides photographers an opportunity to experiment and bring an individual touch to their analog images, making each shot an exclusive piece of art.


Rollei, a German manufacturer with a distinguished history, has been an influential player in the photographic industry for over a century. While perhaps best known for their iconic twin-lens reflex cameras, Rollei has also made significant contributions to film photography. Their range of 35mm films, noted for their sharpness, fine grain, and wide tonal range, has found favor among both professional photographers and hobbyists. Rollei’s dedication to quality and ongoing innovation allows them to maintain their esteemed reputation in the ever-evolving world of photography.

SFL – Sreda Film Lab

Sreda Film Lab, commonly known as SFL, is a rising name in the film photography landscape. The company is dedicated to cultivating and supporting the art of film photography. While they offer services such as film developing and scanning, their efforts extend to producing 35mm films. SFL’s offerings, although relatively new to the market, have gained recognition for their quality and reliability. By focusing on the needs of today’s film photographers, SFL aims to contribute positively to the film photography community and the resurgence of analog mediums.


Silberra is a Russian photographic company that has earned respect within the analog photography community for its dedication to film production. The company is committed to producing mainly high-quality black and white photographic materials, including a variety of 35mm films, but they also offer some color negative options. These films are celebrated for their excellent tonal range, sharpness, and fine grain, and they cater to a wide array of photographic styles.


Svema, a storied film manufacturer based in Ukraine, has a rich history dating back to the 1930s. During the Soviet era, Svema was a major producer of film stock, offering a variety of black and white, color, and cinema films. Today, Svema continues to produce 35mm film, maintaining a link to the traditional techniques and aesthetics of Eastern European photography. Svema’s films are known for their unique characteristics, including their distinct grain and tonal qualities, offering photographers an opportunity to explore a different side of analog photography.


VIBE is a somewhat elusive film brand, with most of its distribution focused in Asia, though some of its products have also found their way to Europe. Specific details about the brand are somewhat scarce, but what is clear is that VIBE’s 35mm films have garnered attention in the film photography community for their unique characteristics.


Yodica is an innovative film company established in 2018 in Milan, Italy. Co-founded by Marco Barbereschi and Cinzia Cancedda, the company takes ISO 400 color film in 135 format and pre-exposes it to create unique effects. Their products, which are not DX coded, bring distinctive, saturated colors and special effects to the world of 35mm film.

The current range includes seven films, each offering its own color signature, from rainbow-like effects to deep, saturated tones. Despite their vibrant effects, these films can be used in any standard camera without the need for specialized settings or development processes.

Yodica films are becoming increasingly available globally, with distributions in the UK, USA, Japan, and Hong Kong. The company’s unique approach and commitment to creative color transformation have quickly made them a favorite among adventurous and experimental photographers.


ADOX is a renowned name in the film industry, tracing its origins back to Germany in 1860. This company has a long history of producing photographic films, papers, and chemicals and is lauded for its quality and consistency.

Despite facing near extinction during the digital shift, ADOX made a strong comeback by reviving and improving classic film recipes. They are one of the few companies that produce all the components for their films, from the raw chemicals to the final packaging, giving them full control over the quality and characteristics of their products.

ADOX’s commitment to traditional photographic processes and their dedication to quality make their films a trusted choice for photographers looking for consistency and reliability. Today, they offer a diverse range of films, including the famous ADOX Silvermax with its remarkable grayscale and detail rendition.


Cinestill Film, founded by two brothers, originates from the city of Los Angeles. The company’s roots lie in the duo’s passion for analog cameras and innovative modifications to cameras and lenses. Their journey eventually led them to sell film, with operations beginning in 2012.

Cinestill doesn’t simply sell film – they redefine it. By repurposing Eastman Kodak’s motion picture cinema emulsions, they’ve adapted it for the standard C-41 process, making it more accessible for typical film cameras. This modification is achieved by removing the Remjet backing, an anti-halation layer used in motion picture cameras.

As a result of this alteration, Cinestill Film is known for its characteristic halation, which gives images a distinct glow in areas of strong light. This unique effect has become a beloved feature of Cinestill films among photographers. Despite being designed for C-41 chemistry, Cinestill films can also be processed in ECN chemistry, yielding a less contrasty image.

Cinestill’s collaboration with Kodak to create their unique product shows an innovative approach to analog film, celebrating its history while also bringing a fresh perspective to the world of film photography.


ORWO, short for Original Wolfen, is a brand with a long history, originating from the former East Germany. It was a part of the esteemed Agfa Wolfen, and when the company was split after World War II, ORWO became the name of the film division in East Germany. In the past, ORWO has produced a wide range of photographic films, cinema films, and even magnetic tapes. However, after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany, the company faced significant challenges and almost disappeared completely.

Since the late 90s, Filmotec GmbH has taken up the production of ORWO films, focusing on specialized cinema and audio-visual products. Today, they produce a limited but high-quality range of black-and-white films, revered by enthusiasts for their distinctive character. Known for their fine grain and rich tonal range, ORWO films continue to inspire and engage film photographers and filmmakers around the world.