Exploring the Features of Canon’s Sure Shot 76 Zoom Date

In 1999, Canon released the Sure Shot 76 Zoom, a camera that would find itself marketed under different names across the globe. Known as the Autoboy Juno 76 in Japan and the Prima Zoom 76 in other regions, this model was not just another camera on the shelf. It was a reflection of Canon’s consistent effort to provide quality point & shoot options for everyday photographers. Let’s delve into its features and see how it holds up today.

Design and Features

Canon’s Sure Shot 76 Zoom had a distinct design. The lens retracted completely, ensuring a flat body, which gave it a sleek appearance. White gold trim and metallic lens rings contributed to an undeniably premium feel. It’s evident that user convenience was a priority, as indicated by the large real-image viewfinder. This design made it easy to use, even for those wearing eyeglasses. Furthermore, the oversized mode dial controlling the five shooting modes ensured functionality wasn’t compromised for style.

Film and Film Format

As a fully-automatic 35mm lens-shutter AF camera, the Sure Shot 76 Zoom captured images at a size of 24 x 36mm. If you’re looking to use this vintage beauty, there are several films you could consider:

  • Kodak Portra 400: Known for its fine grain and natural colors, this film is versatile for various shooting conditions.
  • Ilford HP5 Plus 400: For those fond of black and white photography, this film offers a rich grayscale with good contrast.
  • Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 400: An affordable option, this film gives vibrant colors and is suitable for outdoor photography.

Power Source and Battery Life

The camera operates on one CR123A 3V lithium battery. With a new battery, it’s estimated to shoot approximately 17 rolls of 24-exposure film, assuming 50% flash usage. That’s a reasonable capacity, though it does necessitate keeping spare batteries on hand if you’re an avid shooter. For your convenience, batteries can be found on platforms such as Amazon.

Exposure Control and Light Metering

The exposure control range varies based on the shooting mode, with distinctions between wide-angle and telephoto settings. The built-in flash is set to automatically activate in low-light situations, and its efficiency varies depending on the chosen ISO setting. For instance, with an ISO 100 setting, the flash range in wide-angle extends from 2 to 15.2 ft, whereas in telephoto, it’s from 2 to 8.2 ft.

Size, Weight, and Ergonomics

The camera’s dimensions are practical at 121 x 68 x 45 mm, making it relatively compact for its time. Models without the date feature weigh 225 g, excluding the battery. This makes it lightweight and easy to carry around, an essential feature for a point & shoot camera.

Technical Specifications

TypeFully-automatic 35 mm lens-shutter AF camera with built-in zoom lens
Image Size24 x 36mm
LensCanon 38-76mm f/4.2-7.8 lens
FocusingActive AiAF
Focusing Distance0.6m(2.0ft.) to infinity
ShutterCombination aperture and program electromagnetically driven shutter
ViewfinderReal-image zoom viewfinder
Film LoadingAutomatic
Film AdvanceAutomatic with mid-roll rewind possible
Frame CounterCounts up during film advance and counts down during film rewinding
Self-Timer10 sec. delayed shutter release timer with operation displayed on the LCD panel
Film SpeedsISO 25-3200, set automatically in 1-stop increments using DX codes
Built-in FlashBuilt-in flash fires automatically in low-light conditions
Flash Recycling TimeApprox. 5 seconds (with new battery)
Shooting Mode SelectionUsing mode dial
Power SupplyOne CR123A 3V lithium battery
Dimensions(W x H x D): 121 x 68 x 45 mm
WeightModels without date: 225 g (excluding battery)


The Canon Sure Shot 76 Zoom is a representation of Canon’s commitment to producing quality cameras for the everyday photographer. With its mix of simplicity, functionality, and compact design, it remains a noteworthy entry in the world of film cameras. For those looking to delve into vintage photography or relive memories, this camera is worth considering.