Zooming Into Canon’s Sure Shot 105: Features & Specs

When we step back into the world of film photography, a plethora of fascinating cameras comes to the forefront. Canon, a leading name in photography, has graced the world with numerous masterpieces, and the Canon Sure Shot 105 Zoom, known as the Prima Super 105 in continental Europe and Autoboy Luna 105 in Japan, is no exception. This article delves into the detailed specs, design, and features of this 1997 classic. It is part of Canons famous Sure Shot Series.

Design and Features

The Canon Sure Shot 105 Zoom sports a straightforward silver and black two-tone color. It’s not overly flashy, but it certainly carries a timeless elegance. The small LCD provides a clear view of the frame counter and mode icons, ensuring you’re always in the know about your camera’s settings. One thing to note is the Date function – a handy addition for those who want to timestamp their memories.

Film and Film Format

The Sure Shot 105 Zoom uses 35mm DX-coded film, a standard choice for many classic cameras. It has an ISO range between 25-3200, which is quite broad and ensures flexibility in various lighting conditions.

For those unfamiliar with film, the ISO denotes the film’s sensitivity to light. Lower numbers (like 25 or 100) are less sensitive and suited for brighter conditions, while higher numbers (like 1600 or 3200) are more sensitive, ideal for lower light.

For film recommendations:

The camera also supports a panorama format, adding another dimension to your shots, which can produce wide, cinematic images.

Power Source and Battery Life

The camera operates on a CR123A lithium battery, which is quite reliable. However, the exact battery life isn’t specified, but given its non-digital nature, one can expect a reasonable lifespan. For convenience, here’s a link to purchase the battery on Amazon.

Exposure Control and Light Metering

With an electromagnetic programmed shutter and aperture, the camera offers automatic exposure, ensuring balanced shots. It ranges from bright settings (EV 17 at 38mm) to darker ones (EV 3 at 38mm), showcasing its versatility. The 3-zone metering is a nice touch, allowing for consistent exposure across the frame. Additionally, the automatic exposure compensation is especially useful for backlit subjects, compensating by +1.5 to avoid dark faces against a bright background.

Size, Weight, and Ergonomics

Dimensions are practical at 123x64x50mm, and it weighs in at a manageable 255g without the battery. This makes the Sure Shot 105 Zoom relatively lightweight and portable, fitting comfortably in most hands and bags.

Technical Specifications

TypeFully automatic 35mm Lens-Shutter autofocus camera with zoom lens
Lens38-105mm f/3.8-9.9 (6 elements in 6 groups, including 2 aspherical elements)
Focus SystemThree-point Ai-AF (0.6 m – infinity) with Prefocus and close-up warning
ViewfinderDirect viewfinder with 0.368x – 1.05x magnification and 84% coverage. AF frame, panorama mask, image-area frame, close-up mask included.
ShutterElectromagnetic programmed shutter and aperture with multiple modes
EE (Exposure Control)Composite SPC for full-auto program with 3-zone metering. Metering range of EV 3 – 19. ISO 25 – 3200 (with DX code).
Built-in FlashFixed flash with Guide No. 14 (at ISO 100 in meters). Auto mode, flash on/off, slow-speed sync, red-eye reduction lamp provided.
Autodate FeatureYear, month, day formats. Five format combinations including blank.
Power SourceOne 3 V CR123A lithium battery
Film Loading & AdvanceAuto loading after aligning film leader. Automatic film advance with built-in motor.
Frame CounterTwo-digit counter with 7-segment LCD
Film RewindAutomatic rewind with built-in motor. Midroll rewind enabled.
Dimensions123 x 64 x 50 mm
Weight255 g (without battery)
Special FeaturesRT (Real-Time) shutter mode for quick shutter release, Date imprinting even in panorama format, panorama format (Japanese version only).


The Canon Sure Shot 105 Zoom is a noteworthy film camera from the late 90s, combining a range of practical features in a compact design. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned film enthusiast, this camera deserves a spot in your collection. While it doesn’t boast the bells and whistles of some modern cameras, it provides a straightforward, reliable film photography experience.