All available Black and White Films in 2024

Even though we live in a digital world, black and white film still has a unique charm that’s loved by many. To help fans of this traditional format, we’ve put together this guide covering all black and white films available in 2024.

As film lovers ourselves, we know it’s not always easy to stay up-to-date with film stocks. Films can disappear without warning, and finding out about new or lesser-known films can be tricky. That’s why we created this guide. It’s a one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about the black and white films you can buy right now.

We do our best to keep this list up-to-date and accurate, but the world of film is always changing, so there might be times when our list is slightly out of sync. If you notice any updates or changes that we’ve missed, please let us know. Your help is what makes this guide a valuable tool for everyone.

Navigating This Guide: How It Works

We’ve structured our list to provide the most important details about each film, all in a single glance. Here’s how the information in each table is presented:

  1. Manufacturer: This section provides information about the company responsible for producing the film. Utilize the table of contents to swiftly navigate to the manufacturers’ information section for additional info.
  2. Film Name: This column gives the commercial name under which the film is sold. If a detailed review of the film is available, you’ll be directed to it by clicking on the film name.
  3. ISO: The film’s sensitivity to light. This plays a crucial role in determining the conditions under which the film is best used.
  4. Development Process: This provides information on the type of development process the film requires.
  5. Available Format: This column indicates the formats in which the film is available.
  6. Samples: For a more tangible idea of what each film can produce, we’ve included a column that lead some sample images taken with that specific film. Simply click on ‘Samples’ to view these images.
  7. Price Range: A rough estimation of the film’s cost is indicated with one to three dollar signs, with one being the least expensive and three being the most expensive.
  8. Latest Price Link: A hyperlink that directs you to the most current price of the film based on online information.
ManufacturerFilm NameISOProcessFormatsCostSamplesPrice
AGFA PHOTOAPX 100100B&W135-36$$SamplesCheck Price
AGFA PHOTOAPX 400400B&W135-36$$SamplesCheck Price
AGFACopex Rapid50B&W135-36, 120$SamplesCheck Price
ArgentiNanotomic X32B&W135-36$SamplesCheck Price
ArgentiScale-X100B&W135-36$SamplesCheck Price
ArgentiPAN-X100B&W135-36$SamplesCheck Price
ArgentiARF+ Reporter Film Plus400B&W135-36$SamplesCheck Price
BerggerPancro 400400B&W135-36, 120, Sheet film$SamplesCheck Price
CinestillbwXX250B&W135–36, 120$$SamplesCheck Price
dubblefilmDaily black&white400B&W135-36$$SamplesCheck Price
FPPSuper Positive Film0.8B&W135-24$SamplesCheck Price
FPPMz3 Fine Grain3B&W135-24$SamplesCheck Price
FPPEastman Kodak 5302 Fine Grain3B&W135-24$SamplesCheck Price
FPPX-Ray Film5-10B&W4x5$SamplesCheck Price
FPPFine Grain Six6B&W135-24$SamplesCheck Price
FPPLow ISO Black & White6B&W135-24$SamplesCheck Price
FPPBlue Sensitive6B&W135-24$SamplesCheck Price
FPPSonic 25 BW Film25B&W135-24$SamplesCheck Price
FPPEastman Kodak Hi-Con 236925B&W135-24$SamplesCheck Price
FPPEastman Kodak Hi-Fi 237450B&W135-24$SamplesCheck Price
FPPEmulsion X100B&W135-36$SamplesCheck Price
FPPS 200 iso200B&W135-24$SamplesCheck Price
FPPFilm Love (Hearts) /Film Love (Shamrocks)200B&W135-24$SamplesCheck Price
FPPDracula64B&W135–24, 120$SamplesCheck Price
FPPWolfMan100B&W135–24, 120, 620$SamplesCheck Price
FPPFrankenstein200B&W135–24, 120, 620, 4x5$SamplesCheck Price
FPPLet It Snow100B&W135-24$SamplesCheck Price
FPPDerev Pan 100100B&W135-36$SamplesCheck Price
FPPDerev Pan 200200B&W135-36$SamplesCheck Price
FPPDerev Pan 400400B&W135-36$SamplesCheck Price
FPPBW 100100B&W135-24$SamplesCheck Price
FPPTasma NK-2100B&W135-24$SamplesCheck Price
FPPNew Classic EZ400400B&W135-36$SamplesCheck Price
FPPX2200B&W135-24$SamplesCheck Price
FPPSvema FN6464B&W135-24$SamplesCheck Price
FPPSvema Foto 100100B&W135-24$SamplesCheck Price
FPPSvema Foto 200200B&W135-24$$SamplesCheck Price
FPPSvema Foto 400400B&W135-24$SamplesCheck Price
Film Washi'F'100B&W135$SamplesCheck Price
Film Washi'P'100B&W135, 120, Sheet filmSamplesCheck Price
Film Washi'V'100B&W135, 120$$SamplesCheck Price
Film Washi'W'25B&W135, 120, Sheet film$$SamplesCheck Price
Film Washi'Y'100B&W120$$SamplesCheck Price
Film Washi'Z'400B&W135$SamplesCheck Price
Flic film'Wolfen 100'100B&W135-36 & 100ft$SamplesCheck Price
Flic film'Twyn X250B&W135-36$$SamplesCheck Price
FomaFOMAPAN 100 'Classic'100B&W135-24/36 & 17m/30m, 120, Sheet film$SamplesCheck Price
FomaFOMAPAN 200 'Creative'200B&W135-24/36 & 17m/30m, 120, Sheet film$SamplesCheck Price
FomaFOMAPAN 400 'Action'400B&W135-24/36 & 17m/30m, 120, Sheet film$SamplesCheck Price
FomaRETRO PAN 320 'Soft'320B&W120, Sheet film$SamplesCheck Price
FomaFoma Ortho 400 (type 120)400B&W120$SamplesCheck Price
FUJIFILMNeopan ACROS 100 II100B&W135–36, 120$SamplesCheck Price
ILFORDPan 100100B&W135-36 & 30.5m$$SamplesCheck Price
ILFORDPan 400400B&W135-36 & 30.5m$$SamplesCheck Price
ILFORDPan F Plus50B&W135–36 & 30.5m, 120$$SamplesCheck Price
ILFORDFP4 Plus125B&W135-24 /36 & 17/ 30.5m, 120, Sheet film$$SamplesCheck Price
ILFORDHP5 Plus400B&W135-24 /36 & 17 /30.5m, 120, Sheet film, SUC-27$SamplesCheck Price
ILFORDDELTA 100100B&W135-24 /36 & 30.5m, 120, Sheet film$$SamplesCheck Price
ILFORDDELTA 400400B&W135-24 /36 & 30.5m, 120$$SamplesCheck Price
ILFORDDELTA 32001000B&W135–36, 120$$SamplesCheck Price
ILFORDORTHO PLUS80D 40TB&W135–36, 120, Sheet film$SamplesCheck Price
ILFORDSFX 200200B&W135–36, 120$$SamplesCheck Price
KentmerePAN 100100B&W135-24 /36, & 30.5m, 120$SamplesCheck Price
KentmerePAN 400400B&W135-24 /36 & 30.5m, 120$$SamplesCheck Price
Kosmo FotoMono100B&W135–36, 120$SamplesCheck Price
Kosmo FotoAgent Shadow400B&W135–36$$SamplesCheck Price
ShanghaiGP3 100 PAN100B&W135, 120, 127, 220, 620$SamplesCheck Price
ShanghaiGP3 400 PAN400B&W135, 120$SamplesCheck Price
SPURDSXB&W135, 120$$SamplesCheck Price
SPURUltra R 8006B&W135$SamplesCheck Price
UltrafineOrtho Litho Film10B&W135-20 & 100', Sheet$SamplesCheck Price
UltrafineFinesse 100100B&W135-100'$SamplesCheck Price
UltrafineFinesse 400400B&W135-100'$SamplesCheck Price
UltrafineXtreme 100100B&W135-12 /24 /36 & 100', 120$SamplesCheck Price
UltrafineXtreme 400400B&W135-12 /24 /36 & 100', 120$SamplesCheck Price
ADOXCMS 20 II PRO20B&W135–36, 120#, 4x5"$$SamplesCheck Price
ADOXHR-5050B&W135–36, 120, 4x5"$SamplesCheck Price
ADOXCHS 100 II100B&W135–36, Sheet film$SamplesCheck Price
OrientalSEAGULL 100100B&W135-36$SamplesCheck Price
OrientalSEAGULL 400400B&W135-36$SamplesCheck Price
ADOXSCALA 5050B&W135-36$SamplesCheck Price
FomaFOMAPAN R 100100B&W135$SamplesCheck Price
CatLABSX FILM 8080*B&W120, 4x5", 8x10"$$$SamplesCheck Price
CatLABSX FILM 320320B&W135$$SamplesCheck Price
CatLABSX FILM 320 Pro320B&W135, 120$$SamplesCheck Price
ReraPan 100S100B&W127$SamplesCheck Price
ReraPan 400400B&W127$SamplesCheck Price
KodakTri-X320/ 400B&W135-24 /36 & 100 ft, 120, 4x5", 5x7", 8x10"$SamplesCheck Price
KodakT-MAX 100100B&W135-24 /36 & 100 ft, 120, 4x5"$SamplesCheck Price
KodakT-MAX 400400B&W135-24 /36 & 100 ft, 120, 4x5"$$SamplesCheck Price
KodakT-MAX P3200800B&W135–36$$SamplesCheck Price
KONO!MONOLIT 6464B&W135-36$$SamplesCheck Price
KONO!REKORDER 100-200B&W135-24$$SamplesCheck Price
LomographyFantome Kino8B&W135$SamplesCheck Price
LomographyBabylon Kino13B&W135$SamplesCheck Price
LomographyEarl Grey100B&W135, 120$SamplesCheck Price
LomographyOrca200B&W110$SamplesCheck Price
LomographyLady Grey400B&W135, 120$SamplesCheck Price
LomographyPotsdam 100100B&W135, 120$SamplesCheck Price
LomographyBerlin 400400B&W135, 120$SamplesCheck Price
RevologSnovlox200B&W135-36$$SamplesCheck Price
RolleiRPX 2525B&W135–36, 120, 4x5"$SamplesCheck Price
RolleiRPX 100100B&W135–36, 120$SamplesCheck Price
RolleiRPX 400400B&W135–36, 120$SamplesCheck Price
RolleiOrtho Plus25B&W135–36, 120, sheet film$$SamplesCheck Price
RolleiRetro 80S80B&W135–36, 120$$SamplesCheck Price
RolleiSuperPan 200200B&W135–36, 120$SamplesCheck Price
RolleiRetro 400S400B&W135–36, 120$SamplesCheck Price
RolleiInfrared 400400B&W135–36, 120, 4x5"$SamplesCheck Price
RolleiBlackbirdB&W135-36$SamplesCheck Price
RolleiPaul & Reinhold640B&W135–36 2 pack$SamplesCheck Price
SFLT-25125B&W135-36$SamplesCheck Price
SFLT-42125B&W135-36$SamplesCheck Price
SFLUN54100B&W135-36$SamplesCheck Price
SFLUN75320B&W135-36$SamplesCheck Price
SFLDouble-X 5222250B&W135-36$SamplesCheck Price
SFLDouble-X Aerographic 400400B&W120$SamplesCheck Price
SilberraS2525B&W135-36$SamplesCheck Price
SilberraOrta 5050B&W135-36$SamplesCheck Price
SilberraPan 50/Ultima 5050B&W135-36$SamplesCheck Price
SilberraUltima 100100B&W135-36$SamplesCheck Price
SilberraPan 160/Ultima 160160B&W135–36,120$SamplesCheck Price
SilberraPan 200/Ultima 200200B&W135-36$SamplesCheck Price
SilberraU200200B&W135-36$SamplesCheck Price
SilberraU400400B&W135-36$SamplesCheck Price
SilberraCinema UN54100B&W135-36$SamplesCheck Price
SilberraCinema 75N+400B&W135-36$SamplesCheck Price
SilberraCinema 52XX200B&W135-36$$SamplesCheck Price
SvemaМЗ-3 (MZ-3)3B&W135$SamplesCheck Price
SvemaФН-64 (FN-64)64B&W$SamplesCheck Price
SvemaФoto-100 (Foto-100)100B&WSamplesCheck Price
SvemaФoto-200 (Foto-200)200B&W135SamplesCheck Price
SvemaФoto-400 (Foto-400)400B&W135SamplesCheck Price
SvemaА-2Ш (A-2SH)400B&W135SamplesCheck Price
TasmaНК-2Ш (NK-2)100B&W135SamplesCheck Price
VIBEPhoto B&W 100100B&W135-36SamplesCheck Price
VIBEPhoto B&W 400400B&W135-36SamplesCheck Price
ORWOWolfen UN54100B&W135-36$SamplesCheck Price
ORWOWolfen NP100100B&W135-36$SamplesCheck Price
ORWOWolfen NP400400B&W135-36$$SamplesCheck Price
FILM FerraniaOrto50B&W135-36$$SamplesCheck Price
FILM FerraniaP3080B&W135-36, 120$$SamplesCheck Price
HOLGA400400B&W135, 120$SamplesCheck Price
JCHStreetpan 400400B&W135, 120$$SamplesCheck Price

Manufacturer Info

As we delve into the detailed list of films, here’s a brief overview of the manufacturers. This provides some background about these companies, their purpose, and their history, enriching your understanding of the black and white film landscape in 2023.

Agfa Photo

AgfaPhoto GmbH, established in 2004, marked a significant chapter in the storied legacy of Agfa-Gevaert’s Consumer Imaging division. The original Agfa, having amalgamated with film powerhouse Gevaert in 1964, was a distinguished name in the consumer photography arena, renowned for its production of iconic films, photographic papers, and cameras. However, the trajectory of AgfaPhoto took an unexpected turn when it declared bankruptcy within a year of its inception.

Despite this setback, the brand’s legacy lived on. The holding entity, AgfaPhoto Holding GmbH, ensured the continuation of the esteemed brand, licensing the iconic product lines to various adept companies, breathing new life into a celebrated legacy. The renowned AgfaPhoto product assortments, such as Minilab service and chemicals, found a new home with A&O Imaging Solutions. Likewise, the esteemed AgfaPhoto Vista Brand Film is now under the esteemed guardianship of Lupus Imaging & Media.


Located in Gijón, Spain, Argenti provides a select assortment of B&W films, which are repackaged in-house after being converted from bulk.


Bergger, initiated by French manufacturer Guilleminot, has been in existence for over a century. Specializing in the creation of monochrome photographic film ranging in size from 35mm to 20″x24″, Bergger also produces photographic paper and chemicals.

As of 2021, the company offers Pancro 400, a single B&W film that was introduced in 2015 to replace BRF400Plus. It’s available in 120, 35mm, and sheet formats. Additionally, Bergger provides a low sensitivity (ISO 3) print film in sheet format, designed for darkroom use.


Based in Los Angeles, CineStill Film is a notable name in the analog film industry, having carved a niche for itself through a strategic partnership with Kodak motion picture cinema film stock. Founded by two brothers, the company’s origins can be traced back to a modest venture in music and wedding photography, where their innovation in hacking cameras and lenses became evident.

CineStill made its foray into the film market in 2012, offering film that is a product of a collaborative endeavor with Kodak. The emulsion, born from this partnership, is then transformed into 35mm 135 cartridges and 120 film by CineStill, exemplifying a harmonious blend of efficiency and quality.

This alliance not only enhances the production process but also fortifies the essential infrastructure that ensures the continued existence and relevance of film in a rapidly evolving digital world, all while enabling CineStill to maintain its operation on a small scale.


In 2017, Dubblefilm was born, a product of the joint efforts between the ‘dubble’ mobile app and KONO!, a renowned analog photography entity rooted in Austria. With its array of creative color films, Dubblefilm is recognized for the distinct effects and enhancements, a feature amplified through a strategic alliance with Revelog in 2019.

The journey began in 2013 with the launch of the ‘dubble’ app, a platform enabling users to blend photos with peers worldwide. The core of Dubblefilm and its foundational app is deeply embedded in the world of analog photography. This ethos further extends into two specialized branches: dubble studio, dedicated to crafting double exposures, and dubble print, a haven for tailored print creations.

FFP – Film Photography Project

Initiated in 2009, FPP (Film Photography Project) is dedicated to igniting and nourishing the passion of film photographers across the globe, irrespective of their expertise. With platforms like the Film Photography Podcast, YouTube Channel, and insightful blogs, FPP has become a reservoir of authentic reviews, comprehensive tutorials, and insightful tips, skillfully decoding intricate concepts while preserving the richness of content.

In addition to being a wellspring of knowledge, FPP hosts an online store that serves as a haven for film photography enthusiasts. Shoppers can explore a variety of products, including hand-rolled “small batch” films, film development starter kits, photo chemistry, and meticulously refurbished vintage cameras, all priced affordably. The store also features FPP’s own branded gear and has expanded its repertoire to include rare and discontinued film formats, thanks to their innovative in-house film and motion picture photography lines.

Embodying a spirit of conservation and revival, FPP also offers unique items like new 620 film spools and Regular 8 and 16mm double-perf motion picture film. Each product underscores FPP’s unwavering commitment to rejuvenating and sustaining the film photography landscape, ensuring that this timeless art form not only survives but thrives in the modern age.

Film Washi

Film Washi, established in 2013 by Lomig Perrotin, originated with film “W”, a unique black and white film hand-coated on traditional Japanese Washi paper. This small-scale business, based in decommissioned French Army containers in Brittany, prides itself on innovation, simplicity, and ecological processes aligned with the DIY movement.

Besides the signature film “W”, Film Washi converts specialty films, like X-ray films, to standard photographic formats for use in everyday cameras. Although a minor player with over 110,000 films sold, Film Washi complements the offerings of major film makers by providing photographers with an alternative, innovative approach to analog photography.

Products are available globally, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to accessibility and diversity in the world of film photography.

Flic Film

Flic Film, based in Longview, Alberta, manufactures 35mm film and photo chemicals and distributes film photography accessories. Their products are crafted considering customer needs and environmental sustainability. Each item is designed and packaged to minimize its impact on the environment.


Established in 1921 in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic, Foma Bohemia spol. s.r.o (originally Fotochema) has a storied history in photographic materials production. Founders Evžen Schier and J. Bárta initiated the company’s journey with photographic plates under the Ibis brand. The product range expanded to include black and white papers, roll films, and by the 1950s, X-ray films for medical and industrial use.

Post-1990, the company narrowed its focus to black and white photographic materials and X-ray films. The transition from state ownership to privatization in 1995 ushered in a new era for Foma Bohemia, marked by the attainment of ISO 9001 quality assurance in 1997. Today, it’s celebrated for its diverse offerings in black and white films, papers, and specialized X-ray films.


Fujifilm stands as a prominent entity in the imaging world with over 80 years of heritage. It has carved a niche in innovation, mastering both film and digital photography landscapes. The company is renowned for its diverse array of 35mm films, celebrated for exceptional quality and reliability. Fujifilm’s films are distinct for their vibrant color reproduction, a hallmark of the brand. With a robust commitment to research and development, Fujifilm equips photographers at all levels with tools that encapsulate moments in remarkable clarity and vivid colors.


Harman Technology, operating under the Ilford Photo banner, is a renowned UK manufacturer, globally recognized for its Ilford branded black-and-white films, papers, and chemicals among other photography essentials. Historically, the company enriched the photography community with the comprehensive Ilford Manual of Photography, a treasure trove of photographic knowledge spanning optics, physics, and chemistry, accompanied by developer recipes.

During its tenure under ICI in the 1960s, a collaboration with Swiss firm CIBA-Geigy led to the birth of the Ilfochrome and Ilfocolor colour printing materials. However, the transition into the digital age saw Ilford Imaging facing economic challenges, leading to receivership in 2004. A management buy-out facilitated the resurgence of the company as Harman Technology Ltd, steering the focus back to the production of traditional black-and-white photographic materials under the Ilford, Kentmere, and Harman brands.

The Ilford brand now coexists in two distinct entities. While Harman Technology continues its legacy in black-and-white photography, Ilford Imaging Europe, the Swiss counterpart, has ventured into the domain of inkjet papers and disposable colour film cameras. Though sharing a common heritage, the two companies now operate independently.

Kosmo Foto

Stephen Dowling, the mind behind the Kosmo Foto website (initially Zorki Photo), ventured into the world of film photography with the launch of his own branded B&W film in 2017. The film is supplied by Foma Bohemia. Kosmo Foto made a distinctive mark with its packaging, celebrated for the bold, Soviet-era inspired artwork. The brand expanded its portfolio with the introduction of a second film in 2021, cementing its presence in the niche of black and white film photography.


The Shanggong Shanghai Photosensitive Material Factory, established in 1958 in Shanghai, China, initially produced black and white film and X-ray materials mainly for the domestic market. In 2015–2016, production was halted due to the construction of a new factory. The factory is a part of the larger Shanggong Group conglomerate.

A resurgence occurred in 2019 when Shanghai Jiancheng Technology Ltd, a photographic wholesaler, acquired the rights to the Shanghai brand and its assets. The company announced the release of 135 film under the Shanghai name. Initially, it appeared to be re-packaged ORWO products. The revived brand notably includes unique formats like 220 and 620 medium format film in its portfolio.


SPUR is a small to medium-sized company specializing in developing and distributing products for analog black-and-white photography. The firm is involved in creating photochemistry for analog X-ray and sensitive analog monitoring technology using black-and-white films and has partnerships where products are sold under other names like Rollei and ADOX.

One of SPUR’s objectives is to enhance analog black-and-white photography by improving the film and paper emulsion-photochemistry systems. They have introduced innovative formulas that optimize well-known films and papers. A particular focus is placed on the image-wise development of high-resolution microfilms, where SPUR has made significant advancements, opening new doors in classic black-and-white photography and documentation. In 2006, in collaboration with Carl Zeiss, SPUR set a resolution record for image-wise developed films with its SPUR Orthopan UR Film.


UltraFine, the in-house brand of Photo Warehouse based in California, USA, has a history of producing branded products since 1979. The retailer has rolled out three major lines of black and white photo films over the years: UltraFine Black and White Films (1979-2012), UltraFine Plus Films (2002-2011), and UltraFine Xtreme Films (2008-present). The current Xtreme films are believed to be manufactured by Harman Technology, as indicated by the packaging and codes. Unique to UltraFine, the 135 films continue to be available in 12 exposure cassettes, catering to specific needs of photographers.


The ADOX name has a storied history, having been associated with three distinct companies over its 150-year existence. Initially, it was a brand of Fotowerke Dr. C. Schleussner GmbH of Frankfurt am Main, Germany’s pioneer in photographic materials manufacturing. In 1962, the brand was sold to DuPont, an American corporation, which used the ADOX name for X-ray films through its subsidiary, Sterling Diagnostic Imaging.

In a twist of fate, Sterling was acquired by German company Agfa in 1999. Agfa did not capitalize on the ADOX brand, and its registration lapsed in 2003. Fotoimpex, a Berlin-based company established in 1992 for importing photographic films and papers, quickly seized the opportunity to register the brand.

Today, ADOX is rejuvenated as a brand offering black and white films, photographic papers, and photochemistry, produced by ADOX Fotowerke GmbH, situated in Bad Saarow near Berlin. The brand, with its rich heritage and modern reimagining, continues to be a significant player in the world of photography.


Oriental, a brand rooted in Japan and owned by Cyber Graphics Co, Tokyo, offers a selection of photographic films and papers. The brand’s photographic films are crafted by Harman Technology in the UK, bearing similarities to Kentmere films. Introduced as an economical option for black-and-white film enthusiasts in the Japanese market, Oriental continues to uphold its reputation for affordability and quality.


CatLABS, located in Boston, USA, is known as a reputable photographic retailer. In 2019, the company expanded its offerings by introducing two of its own branded films, marking its entry into the world of film production and offering more diversity to photography enthusiasts.


Rera specializes in providing photographic film specifically for 127 (4×4) format roll film cameras. The brand, operated by Kawauso-Shoten in Japan, is known for converting film to fit the distinct 127 format. Rera’s products are accessible through major retailers, catering to enthusiasts of this particular film format.


Kodak, a hallmark name in the realm of photography, boasts a legacy woven through the fabric of film’s rich history. Established in the 19th century, Kodak pioneered many industry innovations. Its 35mm films are acclaimed for unmatched quality, extensive dynamic range, and the distinctive, warm hues they render.

Even amidst the digital photography evolution, Kodak stands as a bastion of film photography. The company is committed to offering an eclectic assortment of films, satisfying diverse artistic tastes and adapting to varied lighting environments, ensuring that the art of film photography thrives in the contemporary era.


Founded in 2014 by Uwe Mimoun, KONO! is an innovative European analog photographic company known for transforming unusual film stocks, typically used in motion pictures or scientific fields, into distinctive 35mm films. Each film is hand-rolled and loaded onto recycled 135 film cassettes, showcasing KONO!’s dedication to eco-friendly practices.

The company has carved out a niche in the market with its artistic and experimental films, offering photographers a playground of creative possibilities for analog photography. KONO! was instrumental in the development of the ‘dubblefilm’ brand, contributing to its range of creative films until early 2019. The company’s commitment to innovation continues to breathe fresh life into the analog photography landscape.


Originating in the early 1990s, Lomography was born from the artistic allure encapsulated by the unique aesthetics of the Lomo LC-A camera. It has blossomed from an art movement into a dynamic community and a distinguished entity in the film photography realm. Lomography is renowned for its eclectic array of 35mm films, characterized by their artistic quirks—from unconventional colors and grains to inventive effects.

Lomography invites photographers to a world where the norm is challenged, and imperfections are celebrated, instilling a sense of playfulness and experimentation in every shot. Their unwavering commitment to fostering a space for creative and spontaneous photography has cemented the enduring appeal of Lomography films for those desiring a touch of artistic flair in their photographic journeys.


Originating in Austria, Revolog has garnered acclaim as a distinguished film manufacturer, renowned for its eclectic array of creative 35mm films. It was conceived by two passionate photographers who initiated their venture by crafting handmade films for their personal artistic explorations.

Revolog’s films are celebrated for their intrinsic in-camera effects – a medley of textures, light leaks, and color shifts, each contributing an unexpected artistic dimension to every photo. This distinct feature endows photographers with a canvas to explore, experiment, and impart a personalized touch to their analog creations. Each photograph, adorned with Revolog’s artistic nuances, transforms into a unique masterpiece, echoing the individuality of the artist’s vision.


Hailing from Germany, Rollei boasts over a century of shaping the photographic landscape with its esteemed innovations. The brand, renowned for its iconic twin-lens reflex cameras, has carved an indelible niche in film photography as well. Rollei’s suite of 35mm films is lauded for its impeccable sharpness, delicate grain, and expansive tonal range, making it a favored choice among professionals and enthusiasts alike.

With a heritage steeped in quality and a pulse on continuous innovation, Rollei adeptly navigates the fluctuating tides of the photographic domain, preserving its revered standing and continuing to captivate photographers with its exquisite offerings.

SFL – Sreda Film Lab

Sreda Film Lab, or SFL, is carving out its space in the world of film photography. Dedicated to nurturing and amplifying the analog art form, SFL not only provides film developing and scanning services but also has ventured into the production of 35mm films. Though a newcomer, SFL’s films are earning accolades for their dependable quality.

With a keen eye on the contemporary needs of film photographers, SFL is positioned to be a constructive force in the renaissance of analog photography, echoing the passions and aspirations of the global film community.


Silberra is a Russian company known for producing high-quality black and white photographic materials. Their portfolio includes a variety of 35mm films, with a focus on excellence in tonal range, sharpness, and fine grain. While their specialty lies in black and white films, they also offer color negative options to the photography community.


Svema, originating from Ukraine, boasts a heritage rooted in the 1930s. It was a prominent film stock producer during the Soviet era, offering a range of black and white, color, and cinema films. Today, the company continues its legacy in manufacturing 35mm films, preserving the classic methods and aesthetics distinctive to Eastern European photography. The unique grain and tonal features of Svema’s films provide photographers a gateway to experience a unique aspect of the analog photography world.


ORWO, an acronym for Original Wolfen, traces its origins to former East Germany and was once a segment of the renowned Agfa Wolfen. After World War II, the company divided, and ORWO marked the film division based in East Germany. ORWO manufactured a diverse portfolio, including photographic films, cinema films, and magnetic tapes. However, the fall of the Berlin Wall and Germany’s reunification presented challenges that nearly led to the brand’s extinction.

Filmotec GmbH revived ORWO in the late 90s, concentrating on cinema and audio-visual film production. The brand, now known for a select yet exquisite assortment of black-and-white films, is celebrated for its distinctive quality, characterized by fine grain and extensive tonal variety. ORWO continues to captivate and serve film photographers and filmmakers globally.

Film Ferrania

FILM Ferrania s.r.l., located in Ferrania, Italy, is a company renowned for producing photographic film. The original factory closed in 2009, but a successful Kickstarter campaign and support from the regional government breathed new life into the company in 2013. The rebirth involved constructing a new film manufacturing base at the former Ferrania Research Laboratory (L.R.F.) and utilizing its narrow coater.

Initially, the company aimed to reintroduce a color slide film. However, in February 2017, FILM Ferrania started producing a black and white still film based on P30, reminiscent of a classic 1960s motion picture film stock, as it proved to be a simpler initial project. The production of P30 ‘Alpha’ was halted in mid-2018 due to renovations to the L.R.F building and the necessity to refine the production process to minimize waste. Production resumed in late 2019, and in 2023, FILM Ferrania introduced a new Orthochromatic film to its portfolio.


The Holga camera, manufactured in Hong Kong, is an affordable plastic medium format camera that uses 120 film. It’s celebrated for its distinct low-fidelity aesthetic, producing images with a character reminiscent of the camera’s simplistic design. A specific black and white film stock branded under Holga is produced in collaboration with FOMA, complementing the camera’s unique image output.


Bellamy Hunt, known for his role as a camera collector and the mind behind the Japan Camera Hunter website, ventured into the world of film in 2016. He introduced his own branded film, utilizing a black and white traffic surveillance film crafted by Agfa Gevaert. The partnership highlights a blend of Hunt’s passion for camera collection and the technical prowess of Agfa Gevaert in film manufacturing.