All available Slide Films in 2024

Slide film, with its vibrant colors and unique qualities, still holds a special place in the hearts of photographers. This 2023 guide is here to help you get a clear picture of the slide film options available. It’s a concise, handy resource for those who love the distinct feel of slide film.

The selection is not vast, but each film has its own character. Whether you’re into color or black and white, this guide covers what’s out there. Remember, slide film choices don’t change too often, so this guide should stay relevant for a while.

Got updates or something new to share? Let us know. Your input keeps this guide fresh and useful for everyone in the slide film community.

Navigating This Guide: How It Works

We’ve structured our list to provide the most important details about each film, all in a single glance. Here’s how the information in each table is presented:

  1. Manufacturer: This section provides information about the company responsible for producing the film. Utilize the table of contents to swiftly navigate to the manufacturers’ information section for additional info.
  2. Film Name: This column gives the commercial name under which the film is sold. If a detailed review of the film is available, you’ll be directed to it by clicking on the film name.
  3. ISO: The film’s sensitivity to light. This plays a crucial role in determining the conditions under which the film is best used.
  4. Development Process: This provides information on the type of development process the film requires.
  5. Available Format: This column indicates the formats in which the film is available.
  6. Samples: For a more tangible idea of what each film can produce, we’ve included a column that lead some sample images taken with that specific film. Simply click on ‘Samples’ to view these images.
  7. Price Range: A rough estimation of the film’s cost is indicated with one to three dollar signs, with one being the least expensive and three being the most expensive.
  8. Latest Price Link: A hyperlink that directs you to the most current price of the film based on online information.
ManufcaturerFilm NameISOProcessFormatsCostSamplesPrice
ArgentiScale-X100B&W135-36$$$SamplesCheck Price
KodakEktachrome E100100E-6135–36, 120, 4x5", 8x10"$$$SamplesCheck Price
ReraChrome 100100E-6127$$SamplesCheck Price
RolleiCrossBird200E-6 (C-41)135–36, 127, 120$$$SamplesCheck Price
ADOXSCALA 5050B&W135-36$SamplesCheck Price
FomaFOMAPAN R 100100B&W135$$$SamplesCheck Price
FPPRetrochrome 400400E-6135-36$$SamplesCheck Price
FUJIFILMFujichrome Velvia 5050E-6135–36, 120$$$SamplesCheck Price
FUJIFILMFujichrome Velvia 100100E-6135–36, 120, 4x5" (8x10" JP only) Not US$$$SamplesCheck Price
FUJIFILMFujichrome Provia 100F100E-6135–36, 120, 4x5", 8x10"$$$SamplesCheck Price
LomographyPeacock X-Pro200C-41 (E-6)110$$$SamplesCheck Price

Manufacturer Insights

Before we jump into our comprehensive list of slide films, let’s take a moment to get to know the manufacturers behind them. This section offers a glimpse into the companies creating these films, their missions, and their histories. It’s a great way to deepen your appreciation for the world of slide film as it stands in 2023.”


Located in Gijón, Spain, Argenti provides a select assortment of B&W films, which are repackaged in-house after being converted from bulk.


Kodak Kodak is a renowned name in photography, with a legacy deeply embedded in film’s rich history. They started back in the 19th century and have been at the forefront of many industry innovations since then. Their 35mm films are particularly well-regarded for their exceptional quality, broad dynamic range, and the warm hues they produce.

Even in the age of digital photography, Kodak remains a strong advocate for film photography. The company offers a wide range of films, catering to various artistic preferences and accommodating different lighting conditions, ensuring that film photography continues to be a vibrant part of the modern photographic landscape


Rera focuses on producing photographic film for the unique 127 (4×4) format roll film cameras. Operated by Kawauso-Shoten in Japan, Rera is recognized for its ability to convert film to suit the 127 format specifically. These products are available at major retailers, making them a go-to choice for enthusiasts of this specific film format.


Originating from Germany, Rollei has been a major player in the photography world for over a hundred years, known for their groundbreaking contributions. Famous for their twin-lens reflex cameras, they’ve also made a significant mark in film photography. Their 35mm films are celebrated for their exceptional sharpness, fine grain, and wide tonal range, making them popular among both professional photographers and hobbyists.

Rollei combines a tradition of quality with ongoing innovation, skillfully adapting to the ever-changing photography landscape. This approach helps maintain their esteemed reputation and continues to attract photographers with their high-quality film products.


The ADOX brand has an intriguing 150-year history, linked to three different companies. It started as a brand of Fotowerke Dr. C. Schleussner GmbH, a pioneer in photographic materials in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. In 1962, ADOX was sold to the American corporation DuPont, which used the name for X-ray films through its subsidiary, Sterling Diagnostic Imaging.

The brand’s journey took a turn when Sterling was bought by the German company Agfa in 1999. Agfa, however, didn’t use the ADOX brand much, and by 2003, the registration had lapsed. Seizing this opportunity, Fotoimpex, a Berlin-based company founded in 1992 for importing photographic films and papers, registered the ADOX brand.

Today, ADOX has been revitalized. It now offers black and white films, photographic papers, and photochemistry under ADOX Fotowerke GmbH, located in Bad Saarow near Berlin. With its rich history and contemporary revival, ADOX remains an important name in the photography industry.


Founded in 1921 in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic, Foma Bohemia (originally named Fotochema) has a long history in producing photographic materials. It was started by Evžen Schier and J. Bárta, initially focusing on photographic plates under the Ibis brand. Over the years, their product line grew to include black and white papers, roll films, and eventually X-ray films for medical and industrial purposes by the 1950s.

After 1990, Foma Bohemia concentrated mainly on black and white photographic materials and X-ray films. The shift to private ownership in 1995 marked a new chapter for the company, which was highlighted by achieving ISO 9001 quality certification in 1997. Today, Foma Bohemia is known for its varied range of black and white films, papers, and specialized X-ray films.

FFP – Film Photography Project

FPP (Film Photography Project), founded in 2009, is all about fueling the love for film photography worldwide, for photographers of all skill levels. Through their Film Photography Podcast, YouTube channel, and informative blogs, FPP provides genuine reviews, detailed tutorials, and useful tips, making complex concepts accessible while maintaining depth.

FPP isn’t just an information hub; it also runs an online store that’s a treasure trove for film photography fans. The store offers a range of products, including unique hand-rolled films, film development kits, photo chemicals, and carefully restored vintage cameras at reasonable prices. It features FPP-branded items and even rare or discontinued film formats, thanks to their in-house film and motion picture photography production.

FPP is also committed to preserving and reviving film photography. They sell items like new 620 film spools and Regular 8 and 16mm double-perf motion picture film. Each product highlights FPP’s dedication to keeping the art of film photography vibrant and relevant in today’s digital age.


With more than 80 years of history, Fujifilm is a major player in the world of imaging. They’ve been innovators in both film and digital photography. The company is especially known for its wide range of 35mm films, which are highly regarded for their exceptional quality and reliability. What sets Fujifilm’s films apart is their ability to reproduce vibrant colors, a signature trait of the brand. Thanks to their strong focus on research and development, Fujifilm provides photographers of all skill levels with tools that capture moments with outstanding clarity and rich colors.


Lomography started in the early 1990s, inspired by the distinctive look of the Lomo LC-A camera. What began as an art movement has evolved into a vibrant community and a significant name in film photography. Lomography is known for its unique selection of 35mm films, which stand out due to their artistic features like unusual colors, grains, and creative effects.

Lomography encourages photographers to step outside the conventional, embracing imperfections and fostering a sense of fun and experimentation. This commitment to supporting a space for imaginative and spontaneous photography has solidified the lasting popularity of Lomography films among those seeking an artistic edge in their photography.