The Canon Sure Shot Series

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The Canon Sure Shot series, known as Prima in Europe and Autoboy in Japan, is a testament to the Japanese giant’s innovative prowess in the compact camera realm. From its inception in the late 70s until the mid-2000s, the series has seen various models tailored to the changing preferences of the photography community. This article provides a broad overview, while each model’s detailed review can be found linked in the chronology below.

What is the Sure Shot Series?

The Sure Shot Series is a line of compact film cameras introduced by Canon, a renowned Japanese multinational corporation. These cameras are characterized by their ease of use, making them an ideal choice for amateur photographers or those looking for a point-and-shoot experience.

The series encompasses a broad range of models, from simple fixed-focus cameras to more advanced units with zoom capabilities and various automated features. The evolution of the Sure Shot series mirrors the broader trajectory of photographic technology over the years, adapting and evolving to incorporate new technological advancements and meet the changing demands of photographers.

One of the unique aspects of the Sure Shot series is its commitment to innovation. For instance, the Canon Sure Shot Del Sol was the world’s first mass-produced solar-powered camera, illustrating Canon’s ambition to push boundaries and integrate environmentally-friendly technologies.

Furthermore, the Canon Sure Shot series has also been recognized for its design and build quality. Many models are known for their robust construction, with certain versions like the Canon Sure Shot A-1 being fully waterproof, making them suitable for a variety of environments and conditions. With a rich history and a diverse range of models, it remains a memorable and significant series in the world of photography.

Shared Features across Models

  • User-friendliness: Even a newbie could master its features in a short span.
  • Automation: From focus to flash, everything was automatic.
  • Flash: Every model came with a built-in flash feature.
  • Portability: With weight and compactness being a priority, carrying it around was hassle-free.
  • Lens Focal Length: While most models centered around the 35mm-38mm focal length, there were a few exceptions.

Differentiating Factors

  • Film Speeds: Earlier renditions were restricted to film speeds of 100-400 ISO.
  • Shutter Speeds: While the majority boasted a 1/500 maximum shutter speed, some later models could stretch up to 2 seconds.
  • Battery Choices: Some older models preferred AA batteries, while others opted for specific camera batteries.
  • Lens Variations: The series saw fixed length, prime lenses, dual-length focal lenses, and the more advanced zoom lenses as it evolved.
  • Weight: Each iteration tried to trim down the weight, making it increasingly portable.

The Chronology







  • Canon Sure Shot Multi Tele/Prima Tele/Autoboy Tele 6
  • Canon Sure Shot Zoom/Prima Zoom/Autoboy Zoom
  • Canon Sure Shot Ace/Prima Shot/Autoboy Prisma
  • Canon Sure Shot Joy/Prima 4/Autoboy Lite 2


  • Canon Sure Shot Zoom XL/Prima Zoom F/Autoboy Zoom Super
  • Canon Sure Shot Caption Zoom/Prima Auto Zoom/New Autoboy
  • Canon Sure Shot Zoom-S


  • Canon New Sure Shot/Prima Twin/Autoboy WT28 (World Traveler)
  • Canon Photura/Epoca/Autoboy Jet


  • Canon Sure Shot Mega Zoom 105/Prima Zoom 105/Autoboy Zoom 105
  • Canon Autoboy Jet Canon Williams (Limited edition Japan-only)
  • Canon Sure Shot Mega Zoom 76/Prima Zoom 76/Autoboy Zoom 76
  • Canon Sure Shot Tele Max/Prima Twin S/Autoboy Mini T (Tele)
  • Canon Sure Shot Max (Date)/Prima 5/Autoboy Mini


  • Canon Photura 135 Caption/Epoca 135 Caption/Jet 135
  • Canon Sure Shot Zoom Max/Prima Zoom Mini/Autoboy A (Ace)


  • Canon Autoboy A (Ace) XL (With panorama setting.)
  • Canon Sure Shot Z115/Prima Super 115/Autoboy S (Super)
  • Canon Sure Shot M/Prima Mini/Autoboy F


  • Canon Sure Shot Z85/Prima Super 85/Autoboy J (Jack)
  • Canon Sure Shot Owl/Prima AF-7
  • Canon Sure Shot A-1/Prima AS-1/Autoboy D5 (Fully waterproof. Sureshot WP-1 also exists.)
  • Canon Prima Super 28V/Autoboy Luna


  • Canon Sure Shot Del Sol/Prima Sol/Autoboy SE (World’s first mass-produced solar-powered camera.)
  • Canon Sure Shot 60 Zoom/Prima Zoom Shot/Autoboy Juno (also available with Date function)
  • Canon Sure Shot Z70W (Caption)/Prima Super 28 (Caption)
  • Canon Sure Shot 70 Zoom/Prima Zoom 70F/Autoboy Luna 35
  • Canon Sure Shot 80 Tele/Prima BF Twin/Autoboy BF80


  • Canon Sure Shot Z135/Prima Super 135/Autoboy S (Super) II
  • Canon Sure Shot Sleek/Prima Mini II/Autoboy F XL


  • Canon Sure Shot Owl Date/Prima AF-8 Date
  • Canon Sure Shot 105 Zoom Date/Prima Super 105 Date/Autoboy Luna 105


  • Canon Sure Shot Zoom 85 Date/Prima Zoom 85 Date/Autoboy Luna 85


  • Canon Autoboy Luna XL
  • Canon Sure Shot Z115 Panorama (Caption)/Prima Super 115N (Caption)/Autoboy S XL
  • Canon Sure Shot Z70W/Prima Super 28N (Caption) (Platinum coloured version of Autoboy Luna.)
  • Canon Sure Shot Z135 (Caption)/Prima Super 135N (Caption)/Autoboy SII XL (Platinum coloured version of Autoboy S.)
  • Canon Sure Shot Classic 120/Prima Super 120/Autoboy 120
  • Canon Sure Shot 76 Zoom Date/Prima Zoom 76 (Date)/Autoboy Juno 76


  • Canon Sure Shot Owl PF/AF-7S/Prima AF-9 S (Date) (With big viewfinder.)
  • Canon Sure Shot BF (Date)/Prima BF-9S (Date) (Big viewfinder, fixed focus.)
  • Canon Sure Shot Z90W/Prima Super 90 Wide/Autoboy EPO


  • Canon Prima Zoom 65 (Date) (Shorter zoom version of Autoboy Juno 76.)
  • Canon Sure Shot 105 Zoom S (Date)/Prima Super 105 X/Autoboy Luna 105 S
  • Canon Prima Zoom 60 (QD) (For China and Latin America.)


  • Canon Sure Shot Z155/Prima Super 155/Autoboy 155
  • Canon Sure Shot 130u/Prima Super 130/Autoboy N130
  • Canon Prima BF-800 (For the Asian market.)


  • Canon Sure Shot 115u/Prima Super 115u/Autoboy N115
  • Canon Sure Shot 105u/Prima Super 105i/Autoboy N105
  • Canon Sure Shot 80u/Prima Zoom 80u/Autoboy N80
  • Canon Sure Shot 90u/Prima Zoom 90u
  • Canon Sure Shot BF-10/Prima BF-10
  • Canon Sure Shot AF-10/Prima AF-10 (26mm lens)


  • Canon Sure Shot 150u/Prima Super 150u/Autoboy N150
  • Canon Sure Shot Z180u/Prima Super 180/Autoboy 180 (38-180mm zoom.)


  • Canon Sure Shot 130u II Date/Prima Super 130u Date/Autoboy N130 II
  • Canon Sure Shot 115u II Date/Prima Zoom 115u II
  • Canon Sure Shot 90u II Date/Prima Zoom 90u II Date