Canon Sure Shot 130u II: A Detailed Review

When it comes to compact 35mm film cameras, the Canon Sure Shot 130u II Date stands out. Released in 2005, this model, also known as the Prima Super 130u and the Autoboy N130 II, is a part of Canon’s long-standing line of Sure Shot / Prima / Autoboy compact cameras.

Design and Features

The design of the Sure Shot 130u II is straightforward. The body incorporates two distinct sections, creating a distinct look while ensuring the camera remains compact. The chrome plating on the grip and around the lens barrel, along with diamond-cut cross-hatching on the end of the lens barrel, lend the camera a touch of sophistication.

The top of the camera features a large LCD display, allowing users to easily navigate and adjust camera settings. Moreover, a built-in flash is integrated, which fully charges in approximately 7 seconds, ensuring you’re always ready to capture the moment.

Film and Film Format

Canon’s Sure Shot 130u II is a 35mm film camera. When it comes to film, it supports an ISO range of 25-3200. For those new to film photography, popular options to consider include:

The camera’s motor-driven film transport ensures smooth auto advance, and the added feature of mid-roll rewind is quite handy if you need to switch out films before finishing a roll. The frame counter also advances upwards, providing an intuitive count of shots taken.

Power Source and Battery Life

The camera is powered by a single CR2 battery. While this might seem limiting, the CR2 battery is known for its longevity. You can easily find replacements on Amazon.

Exposure Control and Light Metering

The Sure Shot 130u II comes with Program AE, which automatically determines the shutter speed and aperture based on external lighting conditions. Moreover, the AE locks once autofocus is complete, ensuring consistent exposures. The built-in flash modes, controlled electronically, adjust based on ISO and autofocus distance data.

Size, Weight, and Ergonomics

Measuring at 107 x 59 x 44.5mm, this camera is compact, making it suitable for on-the-go photography. Weighing in at 185g (excluding battery), it won’t be a burden to carry around.

Technical Specifications

TypeFully automatic 35mm lens-shutter AF camera
Zoom Range3.4x
Lens38-130mm f/5.6-12.5
Autofocus3-point AiAF, Center-point AF
Focusing RangeStandard: 0.6m to infinity, 0.5m (Wide-angle)
ViewfinderReal-image zoom viewfinder, 82% coverage
Exposure ControlProgram AE, AE Locks at AF completion
Built-in FlashElectronically controlled autoflash
Film Speed SettingISO 25-3200 set automatically
Shutter SpeedsWIDE: 1/500 – 2 sec.; TELE: 1/340 – 2 sec.
Self-timerElectronically controlled with 10-second delay
Battery3V Lithium battery (CR2) x1
Dimensions107 x 59 x 44.5mm
Weight185g (excluding battery)


Canon’s Sure Shot 130u II Date is a well-rounded compact film camera, offering a blend of simplicity and versatility. Whether you’re picking up a film camera for the first time or you’re looking to add another to your collection, the Sure Shot 130u II Date makes a strong case for consideration. While it’s not without its limitations, its features make it a reliable option for film enthusiasts.