Rediscovering Film: Canon Sure Shot AF-10 Insights

Launched in 2003, the Canon Sure Shot AF-10, known as the ‘Prima AF-10’ in Europe, emerged as a noteworthy addition to Canon’s expansive line of compact film cameras. Designed primarily as a user-friendly point and shoot travel camera, this model is ideal for capturing landscapes and group shots. This review dives deep into its design, features, and usability to help potential users gauge its effectiveness for their photography needs.

Design and Features

The Canon AF-10 stands out with its uniquely wide 26mm lens, a feature not always common in point-and-shoot cameras. Manufactured in China, the camera is built with a user-centric design, favoring simplicity and function.

It features a small LCD, which clearly displays the frame counter and mode icons, allowing users to quickly understand their current settings. Additionally, the camera comes with an integral flash that boasts three modes, which includes a valuable red-eye reduction feature. For those looking to capture timed shots, the camera also offers a self-timer and a tripod socket, ensuring steadiness for those perfect stills.

Film and Film Format

The Canon AF-10 supports DX-coded 35mm film, a popular format that has stood the test of time. The auto-loading and advancing mechanism simplifies the film loading process, minimizing the risk of film wastage due to incorrect loading.

For users looking to experiment, some recommended 35mm films to pair with the AF-10 include:

Power Source and Battery Life

The camera is powered by 2 AA batteries. These are widely available and easy to replace, ensuring you’re never far from capturing the next shot. Interested buyers can purchase AA batteries from Amazon.

Exposure Control and Light Metering

While the information provided doesn’t delve deep into the camera’s exposure control and light metering, the AF-10’s user-friendly interface suggests that it manages these aspects effectively, ensuring balanced shots even for those not deeply versed in photography.

Size, Weight, and Ergonomics

The Sure Shot AF-10 is lightweight and designed with ergonomics in mind. This ensures comfort during prolonged use and aids in capturing steady shots. The easy-to-use design further reinforces its suitability for those who want quality photos without navigating a maze of settings.

Technical Specifications

FocusThree-point active autofocus
ViewfinderLarge and bright with autofocus frame
Flash ModesIntegral flash with 3 modes (including red-eye reduction)
Additional FeaturesSelf-timer, Tripod socket
Power Source2 AA batteries
Special VariantAvailable with date function


The Canon Sure Shot AF-10/Prima AF-10 offers a straightforward photography experience, focusing on user-friendliness. With its wide 26mm lens and simple design, it’s a reliable choice for those wanting to capture memories without the complexities of advanced camera models. While it might lack the features desired by seasoned photographers, for many, its ease of use and effective design make it a worthy companion for travels and everyday photography.