Exploring the Canon Sure Shot 60 Zoom

by Matthew Paul Argall

Back in March 1995, Canon unveiled the Sure Shot 60 Zoom, a compact camera that came to be known in Europe as the Prima Zoom Shot and in Japan as the Autoboy Juno. This article offers an in-depth look into the features, technical specifications, and overall performance of this camera.

Design and Features

The Canon Sure Shot 60 Zoom is a testament to the aesthetics of the ’90s, with its metallic-silver finish and sleek, flat profile, making it a stylish companion for any photography enthusiast. But beyond its looks, the camera offered a range of impressive features for its time:

  • The Japanese edition comes equipped with a panorama mask, enabling photographers to capture wide-angle shots.
  • The switch on the bottom allows users to alternate between normal and panorama modes, a feature exclusive to the Japanese version.
  • Date imprinting is also available, allowing you to add timestamps to your pictures, even in the panorama format.

Film and Film Format

This camera is a fully automatic 35mm Lens-Shutter autofocus camera with a zoom lens. For photographers, especially those keen on retro photography, the Sure Shot 60 Zoom allows a picture size of 24×36 mm and a panorama size of 13x36mm (again, exclusive to the Japanese version).

For film recommendations:

Remember, the film’s speed range is ISO 25 – 3200, giving you the flexibility to experiment with various film brands and speeds.

Power Source and Battery Life

The camera is powered by a 3 V CR123A lithium battery. While it offers good life, it’s always recommended to carry a spare, especially for prolonged shoots. You can purchase the battery on Amazon.

Exposure Control and Light Metering

The electromagnetic programmed shutter and aperture are automated, taking the guesswork out of the equation for novice photographers. Additionally, the camera’s SPC for full-auto program EE provides a metering range that is well-suited for a variety of shooting conditions.

Size, Weight and Ergonomics

Compact and lightweight, the Sure Shot 60 Zoom measures 121x68x44 mm and weighs just 245g, making it a convenient choice for on-the-go photography.

Technical Specifications

Lens38-60mm f/4.5-6.7 (6 elements in 6 groups)
Autofocus SystemFive-point evaluative autofocusing system (AF range: 0.6 m – infinity)
ShutterElectromagnetic programmed shutter and aperture
ViewfinderDirect zoom viewfinder with 0.45x – 0.68x magnification and 84% coverage
EESPC for full-auto program EE with metering range of EV 3.4 – EV 17
Built-in FlashFixed, fires automatically in low-light conditions with red-eye reduction lamp
Autodate FeatureYear, month, day imprinting, also possible in panorama format
Power SourceOne 3 V CR123A lithium battery
Film Loading & AdvanceAutomatic with built-in motor
Dimensions & Weight121 x 68 x 44 mm


The Canon Sure Shot 60 Zoom, with its vintage aesthetic and range of features, offers a unique blend of style and functionality. For those who appreciate the art of film photography or wish to dabble in retro imagery, this camera is a noteworthy consideration. While it may not rival modern digital cameras in terms of versatility, its charm lies in the authenticity and nostalgia it brings to the world of photography.