Canon Sure Shot 130u: A Compact Film Camera Review

Canon has been a trusted name in the camera world for decades, and in 2002, they introduced the Canon Sure Shot 130u, also known as the Prima Super 130 or Autoboy N130. This camera is from a series of compact Sure Shot / Prima / Autoboy cameras. It was later succeeded by the Canon Sure Shot 130u II Date/Prima Super 130u Date/Autoboy N130 II. Let’s delve deeper into the various features of this camera.

Design and Features

The Canon Sure Shot 130u boasts a sleek exterior with soft curved lines and surfaces. Its two-tone silver and blue coloring, combined with the front cover’s aluminum finish and the stainless steel ring at the lens front, add to its quality appeal without appearing overly flashy.

Its main feature, the combined AF/AE CMOS sensor, offers precise exposure control and accurate autofocus. This is particularly notable given the camera’s passive 3-point AiAF linked to zoom and AF points over its entire range. The camera is also equipped with five custom functions, including continuous shooting mode, eyesight correction, manual exposure compensation, and an intuitive control layout, making it straightforward and convenient to use.

Film and Film Format

This camera utilizes the widely popular 35mm film format, producing images of 24 x 36 mm size. For those seeking film recommendations for the Canon Sure Shot 130u:

Power Source and Battery Life

Powering the Canon Sure Shot 130u is a single CR2 lithium battery. When it comes to the flash, expect a typical recharge time of around 6 seconds with a new battery. Those looking to purchase can find the CR2 lithium battery on Amazon.

Exposure Control and Light Metering

The combined AF/AE CMOS sensor is noteworthy, as it offers users an advantage in achieving precise exposure control. With manual exposure compensation available, photographers can adjust between +1.5/-1.5 stops, offering flexibility during challenging lighting situations. The ISO film speed settings range from 25-3200, allowing photographers to adapt to various environments and conditions.

Size, Weight, and Ergonomics

Being compact is one of the camera’s advantages. With dimensions measuring 105 x 58.5 x 45.8 mm, and weighing in at 210g (minus the battery), it’s easy to handle and transport. The design emphasizes ease of use without compromising on the camera’s efficiency.

Technical Specifications

TypeFully automatic 35mm lens-shutter AF camera with built-in zoom lens
Lens38-130mm f/5.6-12.5
Focus ControlPassive 3-point switching type AiAF
Shooting Distance0.6m to infinity
ViewfinderReal-image zoom
Dioptric Adjustment-2.5 to +0.5 dpt.
Self-timerProvided (10 seconds delay)
Remote ControlPossible with RC-5 (only for Caption model)
Shutter Speed1/560-2 sec.
ISO Film Speed Setting25-3200
Flash Distance RangeWide: 0.6-3.1m; Tele: 0.6-2m (ISO 100), Wide: 0.6-6.2m; Tele: 0.6-4m (ISO 400)
Flash Recycling Time6 sec.
Power SourceCR2 lithium (3V) x 1
Dimensions (WxDxH)105 x 58.5 x 45.8 mm
Weight210g (without battery)


The Canon Sure Shot 130u, with its compact design, is a dependable film camera, especially for those who are looking for reliability without the complexities. While it might not cater to the intricacies that professionals seek, it offers a straightforward photography experience with enough features to keep it engaging. The camera’s design is thoughtful, and its technical specifications are solid for its class. If you’re in the market for a no-nonsense, reliable film camera, the Canon Sure Shot 130u is worth considering.