Unpacking the Canon Sure Shot 70 Zoom: Features & Specs

Introduced in April 1995, the Canon Sure Shot 70 Zoom (known as Prima Zoom 70F in Europe and Autoboy Luna 35 in Japan) is a testament to Canon’s continuous pursuit of blending compact design with notable functionality. It stands as a significant model in the Sure Shot series, bringing with it a unique set of features and design elements. Let’s embark on a detailed journey to understand this camera’s distinctiveness, its offerings, and its place in the photography world.

Design and Features

The Sure Shot 70 Zoom sports a compact design, which is immediately noticeable with its sliding lens cover. This feature not only adds an element of protection for the lens but ingeniously acts as the power switch. When you slide the cover open, the camera springs to life: the lens extends, and the flash pops up, ready for action.

Positioned on the top back shoulder area, the zoom lens adjustment is facilitated by a thumb switch, making it handy for quick zoom adjustments. This camera offers a variety of flash modes to cater to different lighting conditions: auto, flash on, flash off, and the very useful red eye slow sync.

A key design highlight is the fully automatic 3-point autofocus. This feature allows even beginner photographers to capture sharp images without fussing over manual focus settings. The LCD display on the back provides a clear count of the film, ensuring you’re always aware of the shots left.

Film and Film Format

The Sure Shot 70 Zoom utilizes the widely accessible 35mm film format. This versatility means photographers can choose from a myriad of film options available in the market. For those looking for vivid colors, Kodak’s Portra or Ektar lines are great choices. If you’re inclined towards black and white photography, Ilford HP5 or Kodak Tri-X will serve you well. And for those keen on experimenting, Fujifilm’s Velvia can give your photos an interesting saturation boost.

Remember, the film transport is motorized, and the film counter is visibly displayed on the LCD, making the whole process streamlined and user-friendly.

Power Source and Battery Life

This camera operates on a 3V CR123A lithium battery. It’s both energy-efficient and easily available. For those looking to purchase one, you can find it on Amazon.

Exposure Control and Light Metering

The Sure Shot 70 Zoom boasts an electronic shutter, optimized for both the 35mm and 70mm focal lengths, ensuring versatility in various lighting conditions. The light metering system uses a CdS element for full-auto program EE, allowing for consistent exposures in various lighting scenarios.

Size, Weight and Ergonomics

Weighing in at 240g (without battery) and with dimensions of 123 x 64 x 44 mm, this camera is compact and light, making it a suitable companion for casual photography sessions or travel. Its ergonomic design, with strategic placement of the zoom lever and other controls, ensures a comfortable shooting experience.

Technical Specifications

Lens35-70mm f/4.2-7.8 (6 elements in 6 groups)
FocusAuto: 3 point AF; Range: 0.6m to infinity
Shutter TypeElectronic
MeterCdS, 5 to 17 EV
Film SpeedAuto DX; Range: 50 to 3200 ISO
FlashRetractable, GN 10.3 (ISO 100m)
Viewfinder0.36x to 0.72x magnification with 84% coverage
Power Source1x 3V CR123A lithium battery
Dimensions123 x 64 x 44 mm
Weight240 g (without battery)


The Canon Sure Shot 70 Zoom, with its compact design, feature-rich profile, and user-friendly interface, stands as a solid choice for both novice and experienced photographers. While it may not be the latest on the market, its specifications and build quality make it a noteworthy contender in the realm of compact cameras. Whether you’re just stepping into photography or looking for a reliable secondary camera, the Sure Shot 70 Zoom remains a commendable option to consider.